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  • R. Kirk Jonas, Director, NGA Center for Best Practices
    Dataween: Unmasking the Possibilities of Data-Driven Policy
    Nov 14, 2017
    Steve Bruns

    Behind the scenes at Dataween, an innovative new approach to help governors’ offices, state member-based associations, and other stakeholders get the most out of available data tools.

  • Professor Martha Sandweiss addresses playwrights and scholars. Photo by Matt Pilsner
    Our Commitment to Community
    Nov 14, 2017
    Jill Feldman

    As part of our commitment to arts and community, Mathematica Policy Research is proud to be a sponsor of the Princeton & Slavery Plays.

  • Black hole merger simulation
    Is Our Evaluation Toolkit Right for the Job? Assessing the Impact of Investments in Basic Science
    Nov 09, 2017
    Clemencia Cosentino

    Basic science research—and the philanthropists, foundations, and government agencies that support it—is a crucial catalyst of advances in scientific knowledge. Every year, billions of dollars are spent all over the world to support basic science research and train the next generation of scientists. But...

  • Fight Against Homelessness
    One Way Data Can Help in the Fight Against Homelessness
    Oct 25, 2017
    James Mabli

    A recent study of the Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance triage assessment tool suggest that it can be helpful in allocating scarce resources by effectively identifying chronically homeless people who will be frequent users of emergency health services if they remain homeless.

  • Katharine Abraham visits Mathematica’s DC office for a conversation with our own Sheena McConnell.
    One-on-One with Katharine Abraham
    Oct 13, 2017
    David Roberts

    To better understand the Commission for Evidence-Based Policymaking final report and explore the very important question of what comes next, we invited co-chair Katharine Abraham to visit Mathematica’s DC office for a conversation with our own Sheena McConnell.