Major RCT-YES Upgrade to Offer More Support for Impact Evaluations

Feb 13, 2018

RCT-YES Chart 

State agencies, program administrators, and researchers who assess the impacts of programs and interventions via methods such as rapid-cycle evaluation can now use RCT-YES to analyze their data and report their results for designs with multiple treatment groups.

RCT-YES, a free, user-friendly software program, was launched in 2016 to help policymakers, program administrators, and researchers use rigorous methods to gauge the impact of programs and interventions. It enables users to conduct sophisticated analyses and to report results from randomized controlled trials and other types of designs with treatment and comparison groups. RCT-YES uses state-of-the-art statistical methods but is designed to be simple to use—taking some of the complexity out of analyzing data and giving more individuals the power to explore what works in public policy.

This week, RCT-YES will undergo a major upgrade. The RCT-YES 1.2 upgrade will allow users to analyze data from evaluations involving multiple treatment groups, rather than just a single treatment and control group. This enhanced capability allows users to analyze the effects of numerous interventions at the same time, for instance, for rapid-cycle evaluations using behavioral interventions.

Mathematica Policy Research developed RCT-YES for the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), under a contract from the IES National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance. The program can be downloaded from the RCT-YES website, which also features a quick-start guide, step-by-step instructions, how-to videos, and a report describing the statistical methods used by the program.

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