Todd Honeycutt Recipient of the National Rehabilitation Association's 2018 Editor's Choice Award

Oct 22, 2018

Photo of Todd Honeycutt

Congratulations to our senior researcher, Todd Honeycutt, and his coauthors, Dr. Allison Thompkins, Maura Bardos, and Dr. Steven Stern, who are the recipients of the National Rehabilitation Association’s 2018 Editor’s Choice Award.

 Each year the journal editors of the Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin; Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education; Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling; and the Journal of Rehabilitation choose the recipient of this award from the articles published in the previous year based upon their quality, scientific rigor, and impact on the field of rehabilitation. Dr. Honeycutt and his team’s article, entitled “Youth with Disabilities at the Crossroads: The Intersection of Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Benefits for Youth with Disabilities” and published in volume 60, issue 3 of the Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, was selected.

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