Tools for Evidence Podcast: A Closer Look at RCT-YES and the RCE Coach

Jun 14, 2017

In a special edition of Mathematica Policy Research’s Policy in Perspective podcast, Associate Director Alex Resch and Senior Fellow Peter Schochet discuss and explain RCT-YES and the Rapid-Cycle Evaluation (RCE) Coach. These free tools, developed with the support of the U.S. Department of Education, can help educators in school districts and state agencies evaluate interventions and programs in their own settings to build evidence on what works to improve student outcomes. The podcast is part of our Tools for Evidence series, which takes a closer look at accessible tools to facilitate real-time decision making.

In the podcast, Schochet and Resch explain some key differences between RCT-YES and RCE Coach. They discuss which tool educators with varying levels of evaluation experience should use, who might use these tools, and how to use them. They also offer insights on how both tools can build the evidence base, helping guide education policy and program decision makers to determine what works to boost student achievement.


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