Reginald Covington

Reggie Covington

Reginald Covington

Senior Researcher
Areas of Expertise
  • Technical assistance and site monitoring
  • Study design
  • Survey instrument design
  • Family Support
  • Strengthening Families and Responsible Fatherhood
  • Youth Development
About Reginald

Reginald Covington studies the impact of policies and programs on children and families, particularly vulnerable populations. He works primarily on family support research and is involved in projects focused on adolescent pregnancy prevention, healthy marriage, and responsible fatherhood.

Covington oversees the impact evaluation for one of seven sites in a large-scale multisite study of effective ways to reduce teen non-marital sexual activity, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. He also plays a key role in a federal evaluation of programs for expectant and parenting youth, providing site monitoring, technical assistance, and in-person training to eight evaluation sites in California. In addition, he is evaluating strategies for delivering healthy marriage and relationship education programs for families and youth. He also provides technical assistance to federal grantees to evaluate a new generation of responsible fatherhood and healthy marriage programs.

Before joining Mathematica, Covington held positions at Cornell University, the University of California at Santa Barbara, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Marine Corps. He has a Ph.D. in economics from Cornell University.