BOND Implementation and Evaluation: 2016 Stage 1 Interim Process, Participation, and Impact Report

Publisher: Washington, DC: Social Security Administration
Mar 20, 2017
Denise Hoffman, Sarah Croake, David R. Mann, David Stapleton, Priyanka Anand, Chris Jones, Judy Geyer, Daniel Gubits, Stephen Bell, Andrew McGuirk, David Wittenburg, Debra Wrght, Amang Sukasih, David Judkins, and Michael Sinclair

Key Findings:

  • The offset caused average benefit payments to increase by $132 in 2014.
  • The offset did not produce detectable changes in earnings for 2014.
  • Exploratory findings suggest that the offset increased both the number of beneficiaries employed and the proportion of beneficiaries with earnings above the level at which they become eligible for the offset.
  • The offset increased the likelihood of overpayments but decreased the size of overpayments. 
The Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) tests variants of Social Security Disability Insurance program rules governing work and other supports. The BOND project includes two stages. Stage 1 supports an evaluation of how a national $1 to $2 benefit offset would affect earnings and program outcomes for the entire SSDI population. This report documents results of BOND Stage 1 impacts on earnings and benefit outcomes during the fourth calendar year of implementation (2014), process and participation analyses for 2015, and an overpayment analysis from 2011 to 2013.