Findings from an Evaluation of the Namibia Compact's Investments in the National Training Fund (Issue Brief)

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research, Center for International Policy Research and Evaluation
Feb 28, 2017
Kristen Velyvis, Arif Mamun, Anca Dumitrescu, and Ananya Khan

The government of Namibia established the National Training Fund (NTF) in 2008 to provide a sustainable source of funding for vocational training in high-priority skill areas. Between 2009 and 2014, the Millennium Challenge Corporation funded technical assistance to support the full implementation of the NTF. Mathematica Policy Research conducted an evaluation that examined the status of the NTF’s operations and perceptions of its likely long-term sustainability about one year after the technical assistance ended. This issue brief summarizes the key findings from this evaluation.