Growing America Through Entrepreneurship: Findings from the Evaluation of Project GATE

Publisher: Columbia, MD: IMPAQ International, LLC and Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
May 30, 2008
Jacob Benus, Sheena McConnell, Jeanne Bellotti, Theodore Shen, Kenneth Fortson, and Daver Kahvecioglu
While many Americans dream about starting their own business and have the motivation to do so, lack of business expertise and access to credit often prevent them from realizing their dreams. Project GATE (Growing America Through Entrepreneurship) was implemented to help emerging entrepreneurs create, sustain, and/or expand their existing small business. In seven demonstration sites in Minnesota, Maine, and Pennsylvania, approximately 4,000 individuals applied for services between fall 2003 and summer 2005. Findings from a random assignment evaluation show that Project GATE increased the proportion of business ownership. However, earnings were not significantly higher among Project GATE participants compared to their control group counterparts.