How Can My Organization Connect Children to Coverage? A Guide to Fundamentals and Promising Practices

Publisher: Baltimore, MD: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Jun 18, 2018
Leslie Foster and Frank Martin

Key Findings:

  • Organizations leading effective outreach and enrollment initiatives perform 3 core activities at the same time. They: 1) Make contact with a target population; 2) Get a message across; and 3) Provide direct enrollment assistance.
  • In order to succeed at the core outreach and enrollment activities, organizations must utilize 4 supporting capacities: 1) Foster community relationships and trust; 2) Staff and support a capable team; 3) Build strong partnerships; and 4) Commit to real-time learning.
  • Organizations can use this resource to organize their activities and to communicate their needs. More experienced organizations can use this resource to measure their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Grant-making organizations can use this guide to monitor progress and plan technical assistance.
This guide covers the core activities of a Connecting Kids to Coverage (CKC) outreach and enrollment initiative. It describes how to make contact with a target population, get a message across, and provide direct enrollment assistance. It also discusses the capacities that make the core activities possible. It describes ways to foster community relationships and trust, staff and support a team, build strong partnerships, and learn for improvement. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services administer CKC.