Initial Impacts of the Ticket to Work Program on Social Security Disability Beneficiary Service Enrollment, Earnings, and Benefits

Publisher: In "Ticket to Success? Early Findings from the Ticket to Work Evaluation," special issue, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, edited by Craig Thornton, Robert Weathers, and David Wittenburg, vol. 27, no. 2
Nov 30, 2007
David Wittenburg, Thomas Fraker, David Stapleton, Craig Thornton, Jesse Gregory, and Arif Mamun
This paper presents estimates of TTW impacts on service enrollment, earnings, and benefit amounts during the first two years of program implementation. Estimates indicate that TTW had a small impact on promoting service enrollment during the first year of rollout. However, there is no compelling evidence that TTW affected beneficiary earnings and benefits during its first two years. Impact findings for all outcomes are consistent with the expectation that changes in service enrollment would occur before changes in either earnings or benefit receipt. Additionally, the relatively small size of the service enrollment impacts is consistent with the low TTW participation rate, which was less than 1 percent during the first year of the rollout.