National Beneficiary Survey-General Waves Round 5 (Volume 1 of 3): Editing, Coding, Imputation, and Weighting Procedures

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Aug 17, 2017
Eric Grau, Yuhong Zheng, Debra Wright, Sara Skidmore, Hanzhi Zhou, and Kirsten Barrett

This report summarizes the editing, coding, imputation, and weighting procedures as well as the development of standard errors for Round 5 of the NBS–General Waves. It includes an overview of the variable naming, coding, and construction conventions used in the data files and accompanying codebooks; describes how the sampling weights were computed to the final post-stratified analysis weights for the representative beneficiary sample; outlines the procedures used to impute missing responses; and discusses procedures that should be used to estimate sampling variances for the NBS–General Waves.