Year 2 Report of the Atlanta Public Schools Turnaround Strategy

Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research
Feb 01, 2019
Kristin Hallgren, Naihobe Gonzalez, Kevin Kelly, Alicia Demers, and Brian Gill

Key Findings:

  • As a whole, Turnaround Strategy efforts are producing improvements in math performance in targeted schools. We did not find evidence of positive impacts of schoolwide targeted support on other student outcomes.
  • There is little evidence that support from math and reading specialists―one component of the Turnaround Strategy in targeted schools―had an impact on academic outcomes.
  • We found no evidence that the CIS case management component of the Turnaround Strategy improved student suspensions, attendance, or academic achievement.
  • Turnaround partnership schools are producing improvements in math performance. However, other effects were mixed, varying by outcome and by partner organization.
This is the second report on Year 2 of the Strategy, following an interim report (Hallgren et al. 2018) that presented detailed implementation findings in targeted and partnership schools after the second year of the Strategy (2017–2018). This report analyzes the impact of the Strategy in targeted schools after two years and the effectiveness of two specific intervention components offered in those schools in 2017–2018: (1) math and reading specialists, and (2) Communities in Schools (CIS) case management. It also analyzes the impact of the Kindezi and PBS school partnerships. For each of the analyses, we also provide implementation information as context for the impact findings.